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Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
Writer: Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski (characters), Lana Wachowski (characters)
Stars: Mary Alice, Tanveer K. Atwal, Helmut Bakaitis, Kate Beahan
Runtime: 129 min
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Released: 05 Nov 2003

Synopsis: Neo discovers that somehow he is able to use his powers in the real world too and that his mind can be freed from his body, as a result of which he finds himself trapped on a train station between the Matrix and the Real World. Meanwhile, Zion is preparing for the oncoming war with the machines with very little chances of survival. Neo’s associates set out to free him from The Merovingian since it’s believed that he is the One who will end the war between humans and the machines. What they do not know is that there is a threat from a third party, someone who has plans to destroy both the worlds.
Bane/Smith and Neo are both in an unconscious state. The former is said to be merely asleep, whereas neural patterns of Neo are identical to those of people who are connected to the Matrix. Morpheus, dispirited after the destruction of the Nebuchadnezzar and discovering the true nature of the Prophecy at the end of the last film, starts a search for Neo within the Matrix despite him not being jacked in. Neo is in fact trapped in a limbo: a subway station named “Mobil Avenue” (“Mobil” notably being an anagram for “Limbo”.), a transition zone between the Matrix and the Source (the Machine mainframe). At this station, Neo meets a ‘family’ of programs (of Indian Origin). The little girl called Sati talks to Neo, saying that her father has told her Neo isn’t supposed to be in the station. Father tells Neo that Mobil Avenue is controlled by a program called The Trainman who, in turn, is an exile loyal only to The Merovingian. When Neo tries to board the train with the family, the Trainman refuses, and knocks him away from the train, telling Neo he makes the rules down here.
The Architect, upon meeting the Oracle, tells her that she “played a very dangerous game” by attempting to change the way the Matrix functioned. The Oracle responds by saying that she understood the risk and knew it was worth taking. She asks the Architect what will become of any humans who want to be unplugged from the Matrix, and the Architect replies that “they will be freed.” The Oracle asks the Architect, “Do I have your word?” The Architect answers “What do you think I am? Human?”

The closing shot of the film depicts a new dawn on the world of the Matrix, created by Sati. Plant life is shown in the Matrix, and for the first (and last) time the ubiquitous green tint is absent.

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