Final Destination 5 – 2011 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 700MB 720p

Rating: 5.9/10
Director: Steven Quale
Writer: Eric Heisserer, Jeffrey Reddick (characters)
Stars: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Ellen Wroe
Runtime: 92 min
Genre: Horror
Released: 12 Aug 2011

Synopsis: In this latest installment to the horror franchise, Sam and his friends manages to escape a ill-fated bridge, thanks to a premonition Sam obtained. However, when 2 of his friends died in a mysterious way, Sam must use his memories from the premonition to save his friends, before death hunts him down.
The film opens up with a bunch of workers who are gathering together for a company retreat. Sam Lawton has prepared the breakfast before the bus ride. Sam is a fellow office worker and short order cook. His best friend Peter is awaiting everyone else’s arrival for the trip. Molly Harper, Sam’s girlfriend, arrives and she then breaks up with him due to his dreams of going to Paris to be an apprentice for his mentor. Sam is hurt by Molly’s decision. Meanwhile Peter’s girlfriend Candice, an intern for the company and a gymnast, comes along with her rival Olivia Castle, a clad dressed office girl. Molly is being hit on by Isaac Palmer, a co-worker and womanizer. Sam then goes to the construction wing of the building to find his other friend Nathan Sears, a supervisor who has a hard time dealing with construction worker Roy. Nathan and Sam regroup and head on the bus to their destination.

As the bus heads up on the bridge, Sam notices the roads construction is rather suspicious, and he begins to have weird feelings while on the bus. The bus is stopped by a traffic operator, and then the bridge starts to crack. The workers get off of the bus. The group gets off first. Candice is trapped when chunks of the road fall into the lake below. She hangs onto the railing of the bridge far off to the side, but the railing detaches, sending her to fall and impale herself on the sail of a nearby boat. The group panics as the bridge is getting worse by the second. Isaac, who was taking a call in the bus’s bathroom, is still on the bus, and the bus is sent crashing into the lake, sending Isaac to the windshield to be crushed and drowned on impact. A crack in the middle of the bridge kills many people. Only a pair of support beams are the way to get to the other side to safety. Sam helps Molly over, and she makes it across. Sam tries to help Olivia, but she has lost her glasses and falls into the lake. And so on.. For more, Buy Original DVDs and Bluray Disc and Watch the complete Movie.

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