Brave 2007 Movie DvdRip Hindi Dubbed 250mb 480p 1.2GB 720p

Rating: 4.7/10
Directors: Thanapon Maliwan, Afdlin Shauki
Writer: Nut Nualpang
Stars: Michael B., Dean Alexandrou, Vanchart Chunsri
Runtime: 1h 32min
Genre: Action
Released: 22 November 2007

Summary: A young man is forced by the mafia to steal a bank’s client data in exchange for his brother’s life and discovers he and his brother have been set up.
A martial artist is forced by a Thai mafia gang to steal client information from a bank in exchange for his brother, who gas been kidnapped by the gang. When the gang kicks it up by strapping explosives to the man’s brother, the man decides it is time to strike back.
What we will learn is that Bee is not really a criminal but a super nice guy who happens to have a ton of martial arts skill. He’s stays with his cherished brother-in-law, who is like the Thai version of Sammo Hung, and together they run a coffee shop while missing his late sister, Thai Sammo’s wife, who’s been gone a number of years now. Though it’s never made entirely clear, the sister apparently was murdered back in the day which made Bee go totally nuts and ended up landing him in jail with a record.

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