Batman All Parts Collection Part 1-3 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

Description: Following a rejected Batman origin story reboot Joss Whedon pitched in December 2002,[74][75] Warner Bros. hired Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer to script Batman Begins. The duo aimed for a darker and more realistic tone, with humanity and realism being the basis of the film. The film was primarily shot in the United Kingdom and Chicago, and relied on traditional stunts and scale models with minimal use of computer-generated imagery. Christian Bale starred as Batman, Liam Neeson starred as Ra’s al Ghul, and Cillian Murphy as The Scarecrow. Katie Holmes also starred in the movie as Bruce’s love interest, Rachel Dawes, a role created for the film. Alfred was played by Michael Caine and Jim Gordon was portrayed by Gary Oldman. A new Batmobile (called the Tumbler) and a more mobile Batsuit were both created specifically for the film. The film begins with the death of Bruce’s parents and then explores his decision to leave Gotham and his training under the League of Assassins with Ra’s al Ghul, before he rebels against the League and adopts the guise of Batman, recognising that he cannot condone their use of lethal force. The League attempt to attack Gotham using Jonathan Crane’s weaponised fear toxin, but Batman is able to defeat their plan, with Ra’s being apparently killed when a train he is in crashes during a fight with Batman.

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